Team Coaching

The support I offer existing work and project teams in team coaching is becoming a central aspect in organisational and human resources development. I accompany both established and newly formed teams in defining their values and mission statement. I also support teams in understanding existing team dynamics, clarifying their roles and conflict situations.

Another big part of working with teams is creating a healthy and safe working environment in which every team member feels integrated and motivated to contribute to the overall team and/or organizational objectives.

Tim helped our team by creating a safe environment in which everyone felt willing and comfortable to engage and learn from each other.

Eva T. – Senior Managing Director, Private Financial Services

For existing teams

Revising established team cultures, norms and dynamics that need improvement.

For newly established teams

Establishing norms, roles & leadership in the team.

For project groups

Setting goals and defining roles and tasks for effective project execution.


What is going on under the surface? What is not talked about and what topics are avoided? What effects does this have on the team?

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