Group Coaching

Group coaching is primarily an approach in the context of leadership trainings. I conduct exercises with the participants who come from different companies, analyse the emerging dynamics together with the group and give feedback on the role and behaviour of the participants. The participants can integrate these experiences into their daily leadership behaviour.

I had no idea that I would always take up the same roles in groups. The debrief with Tim and the group helped me to understand my own  patterns and I'm looking forward to taking the learning back into my company.

Richard B. – Assistant Manager, Automotive Industry

Self Reflection

Which roles are you taking up? Which patterns can you see? How do you react to constructive feedback?

Identify Group Dynamics

What are the dynamics and do they help or hinder your efficiency?

Understand each other’s unique qualities

What does each individual bring to the table? How can the group benefit from that?

Conscious or unconscious dynamics

What’s going on under the surface? What are you not talking about and what is the impact of that?

What is it that your team needs?

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