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Having worked on Learning & Development projects in different industries with various management levels, I have learned how important it is to incorporate key components in all training programs. Intention, delivery, and impact should be considered and implemented from the start.

I advise HR departments when they intend to implement a leadership training program for their managers. I have co-designed corresponding training programs for international companies, in some cases for a total of several hundred employees, covering various industries and different management levels. What they all had in common was a concept consisting of imparting specialist knowledge and conducting group coaching.

My consulting services include the following steps:

  • co-designing the concept of the training program
  • conducting the group coaching (together with other coaches depending on the number of participants) and
  • accompanying the participants through the entire course of the program.

The concept for a training program is developed by a project group consisting of representatives of the company, expert speakers for the knowledge transfer and coaches for the group work. The project group

  • begins with an inventory of the current leadership practices,
  • defines the company’s goals, and
  • then develops a concept for the topics, methods and organization.

When planning, it is important to consider from the outset that leadership training is not only intended to develop the concrete leadership behavior of individuals, but will also change the leadership culture of the company and can have an impact on the corporate structure.

In the implementation of the program, specialist knowledge is imparted by proven expert speakers. The group coaching in small groups has the goal to perceive one’s own (leadership) behavior through experiential learning, to reflect on one’s own role, and to recognize communication patterns as well as group dynamics.

Accompanying the participants before, during and between the program modules helps to promote group cohesion, to keep an eye on the red thread of the overall concept and to support the individual participant in his or her development, also through online/virtual coaching.

For me, the most important question is:
What do we want to achieve with the training program and how do we achieve that practically?
Programs have to make sense: For the individual participants as well as for the organization.

“Tim has a unique profile which we found very attractive for our business needs. His loyalty to his former employers and his vast experience in the L&D field made us want to work with him. We do not regret it!”

Angela K. – Learning & Development Manager

Learning & Development

Leadership programs help develop your organization.


Generate impact through a well-designed concept.


Develop leadership in your organization through experiential learning.

The red thread

Keep the overall concept in focus through continues program support.

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