My mission is to...

Support you in becoming an authentic leader to unleash the potential of your team.

As humans, we want to have a purpose, we want to contribute to the greater good in society and/or the system/community/organization that we belong to. The problem is that very often we are not allowed or encouraged to show our full potential.

What comes with that is the disengagement of employees at work. A global study by Gallup found that only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged in the work they do. And managers score similarly badly.

The silver lining here is that you can use this to your competitive advantage by creating a team culture that utilizes its member’s full potential.

And because behind each high performing team is a great leader, we need to work first on developing the leader in you who understands how to get the best out of your team. My aim is to support you in developing that approach in an authentic and sustainable way.


Hit the pause button. Take some time to think, reflect and talk things through. Understand where you are and where you want to go.


Connect with yourself first in order to connect more authentically with others.


How do you want to lead yourself and how do you want to lead others?
How can you engage your team to become a high performing team?


The most important element in coaching is my client and the challenge that s/he brings.

No matter if we talk about executive coaching, professional coaching or life coaching I always look at the human being first. Who are you? What makes you YOU? Understanding your values and drivers, what motivates you and what triggers you is very important to understand your perspective of your world.

Because our personalities get created by the environment that we grew up in and by the influence of our parents, we might also touch up on that. Coaching is not therapy but it is good to be aware of patterns in our lives.

I use different approaches as part of my practice depending on what I think is best. It is an experiential approach and has no “one size fits all” plan or checklist.

We will spend a fair amount of time exploring the interplay between you, your role and your organization.

Sometimes clients don’t know if coaching is the right approach for them. If that’s the case, let’s just have a chat with no obligations and find out if coaching can help you in your situation.

In many of my coaching engagements I realize that most people need to understand themselves and their environment before they can move into options and then into action. The tricky part is to see things from a different perspective and understand the system we are in before acting on it.

— Tim Sandock, Interpersonal Leadership

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My values


Find out who you really are and be that person. What are your values and what’s important for you?  I believe it is so much easier in interpersonal relationships when you can be yourself rather than pretending. Once you are truly yourself, people will want to be with you.

Passion & Fun

When we get to do things the way we like, we are so much more enthusiastic and passionate. We will automatically be motivated because it is fun. Allowing joy and laughter to play a bigger part in our private and professional lives makes all the difference.


We need people around us. Some more, some less. But who are we without our tribe, our family, our friends, our partner, our team? Experiencing things together makes our lives richer …for all of us.


We can learn a lot from a changing perspective, a different opinion and from feedback. As long as we have an open dialogue and an open mind, I think, everything is possible.